What Makes A Good Poodle Rescue Centre?


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If you are considering adopting a Poodle from a rescue centre rather than buying a puppy, good for you! Please keep in mind that you will still have to fork out a few hundred dollars in adoption fees. This is still a lot cheaper than getting a purebred puppy. A good Poodle rescue centre will charge about two hundred fifty dollars in adoption fees, sometimes three hundred dollars. This is to discourage those less kindly folks who would sell the dogs for medical research, or worse.

This is why it takes a long time to go through the Poodle adoption process. You will feel like you are going through a human child adoption process. This is the sign of a really good Poodle rescue group! You should never be able to pay a fee and have a dog on your doorstep the next morning. That is a puppy mill, not a legitimate rescue group.

Expect to be grilled on your Poodle information, or lack thereof. If you show no knowledge of Poodle care or needs, then you will be politely turned down, no matter whom you protest to. There is no parent organization that oversees all animal rescue groups in America.

This is not like ordering shoes online, and if it is then you have hit a puppy broker or puppy mill pretending to be a rescue. The Poodle rescue should never offer to ship the dogs anywhere in the country.

A good Poodle rescue centre's website will be loaded with Poodle information. They will not do any sales pressure tactics up front (except for "please donate to out charity" or "current news"), but usually sends you a very lengthy adoption application form. Even if you make a preference for a dog pictured on a site, you will not be given the dog if you are found to be unsuitable.

Always get to visit the dog at the Poodle rescue centre before you sign anything or pay any full fees (with the possible exception of the initial application fee). You want to see if you get along with the dog, how healthy he or she is and what conditions he or she has been currently living in. There may be more than one visit required before adoption is finalized.

Always meet the dog you want to adopt before any money or signatures exchange hands. You want to be sure not only that you and the dog get along, but also that the dog has been getting proper care. You really don't want to bring a dog home, fall in love and then discover that the dog has been trained to attack small children.

These people are mentally ill and do not realize it. Please report them to the police. But they are few and far in between. The odds of you finding a great Poodle rescue centre are very high.